When Charles DiFranco opened DiFranco’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop, he was a master pipe maker and his sterling reputation was backed up by superior quality and incredible service. Mr. DiFranco has passed away, but in his honor, we at DiFranco’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop keep his spirit alive by selling only the finest, highest caliber pipes regardless of price, size, shape or make.  The quality of our pipes is a guarantee. We also repair pipes.

We sell many newly made pipes, but we still carry a hefty stock of estate pipes. Estate pipes offer some of the greatest values for money in pipes. At DiFranco's Pipe & Tobacco Shop, you will find pipes from nearly every pipe producing country. Estate pipes are a great way to try pipes that you would otherwise have to travel half the world to find – so we’re bringing them to you. You can also be certain that all of our pipes, estate or new, have been thoroughly and expertly cleaned, sanitized and prepared so that you can enjoy them straight away.